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Category: C128 - Operating Systems
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zip0 GEOS 128 Unkeyed Collection HOT

GEOS 128 Unkeyed Collection - This is an amazing assembly of most of the major GEOS 128 applications, including the GEOS 128 OS itself, in an unkeyed form, by a generous person over at the GEOS Facebook group, that graciously gave his time to condense it all down into a single archive.  If you're a Commodore 128 user, this is a must have!

Inside the archive is a list of the contents and some additional resources that will come in handy, and if you haven't checked out the

16-01-21 English Commodore 128 60.65 MB 902 Download
zip1 GEOS 128 v2.0 HOT

GEOS 128 v2.0 (4 .D64 Images) including geoWrite, geoSpell & some additional applications for use in working with documents and printing.

02-03-21 English Commodore 128 331.79 KB 569 Download
zip2 GEOS 128 v2.0r Updated

GEOS 128 2.0r Updated by Paul Murdaugh (Released February 25, 2021) - This is GEOS 128 with support for geoRAM.  This particular update adds support for geoRAM & geoRAM clones with 4MB.  Both configure (2.1+) and Rboot have been updated to support the larger RAM sizes along with 1581 RAMdisk support. 

28-02-21 English Commodore 128 292.98 KB 484 Download
zip3 Wheels 128 v4.4 ToolBox Update - Release 2

Wheels 128 v4.4 ToolBox Update - Release 2 by Paul Murdaugh (Released February 25th, 2021) - This update adds support for a 4MB geoRAM and geoRAM clones on top of the 16MB REU support from the first release.

28-02-21 English Commodore 128 28.4 KB 302 Download
zip4 Wheels 128 v4.4 [1571 Master]

Wheels 128 v4.4 [1571 Master] - This is a master disk for Wheels 128 v4.4 created by Paul Murdaugh.  Here is a description Paul provided on Facebook:

1571 Wheels 128 4.4 Master Disk. This image would be an excellent starting point for anyone new to wheels that has a 1571 drive. This contains the updated Toolbox that was uploaded here that can handled REU's up to 16 megs. Patched MakeSysDisk that will work from any bootable 1541/1571/1581 drives without checking

28-02-21 English Commodore 128 152.35 KB 352 Download