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Dungeon of D Dungeon of Dance

Dungeon of Dance by Jason Justian (2021) for the unexpanded VIC-20:

The Status Display:

  • LV The current Level number
  • XP Your current score
  • HP Hit Points. When you reach 0 HP, the game is over.
  • EN Energy. Each time you move, you consume 1 Energy. When you reach 0 Energy, you will automatically consume 1 HP to gain 30 Energy.

Under these is your Inventory bar. You may carry four types of items: Up to 6 Armor,
up to 1 Key, up to 6 Healing Potions, and the Magic Mirror Ball.


Healing Potion

  • Each Level has 3 Healing Potions.
  • Press the Fire button to drink a Potion to heal 10 HP (up to your maximum).
  • Warning! Healing Potions may not always behave as expected!
  • You may carry a maximum of 6 Healing Potions.


  • Each Level has 6 Food.
  • Food adds 30 Energy, up to a maximum of 200.


  • Each Level has 1 Armor.
  • Finding Armor adds 5 HP immediately.
  • Each Armor adds 5 to your maximum HP.
  • You may wear a maximum of 6 Armor (for a total of 30 maximum HP).


  • Each Level has 1 Key, which is defended by the Dragon.
  • After you defeat the Dragon, you may acquire the Key.
  • When you have the Key, you may open the Door to the next Level.


  • Move to the Door while holding the Key to descend to the next Level.

Magic Mirror Ball

  • Starting at Level 6, the Magic Mirror Ball will be hidden in the Dungeon.
  • Exit the Level while holding the Mirror Ball, and you win the game!
  • After you've won, you may continue to play new levels by pressing the Fire button.


When you encounter a Monster, it will challenge you to a Dance-Off. It will show
you some dance moves, which you must repeat with the joystick. If you win, the
Monster will be banished from the Dungeon. If you lose, you will lose a random
number of HP, based on the Monster's Strength and the current Level. More info
about Monsters:

Goblin (Strength 1)

  • Each Level has 8 Goblins.
  • Dance Length: 1 step per Level, maximum of 4 steps
  • Damage: Up to 1 HP per Level, minimum of 1
  • When you defeat a Goblin, there is a 25% chance that it will drop Food.
  • A defeated Goblin is banished from the Dungeon until the next Level.

Wraith (Strength 2)

  • Each Level has 3 Wraiths.
  • Dance Length: 1 step per Level + 1, maximum of 6 steps
  • Damage: Up to 2 HP per Level, minimum of 2
  • When you lose to a Wraith, there is a chance that it will steal your map.
  • When you defeat a Wraith, it is not banished; it finds a new place to haunt.
  • When you defeat a Wraith, you will gain 1 HP.

Dragon (Strength 3)

  • Each Level has 1 Dragon, and it is always in the center of the Dungeon.
  • Dance Length: 1 step per Level + 2
  • Damage: Up to 3 HP per Level, minimum of 3
  • When you defeat the Dragon, it drops the Key to the Door.


  • Try not to leave a Level without finding the Armor. You'll want as much as possible.
  • Heed your maximum HP (5 x Armor) to optimize the value of Healing Potions.
  • Heed the maximum damage (Strength x Level). Use Healing Potions before a Dance-Off.
  • Engage with Goblins, because they're easy to beat and might have Food.
  • On higher levels, when the risk-to-reward ratio is low, avoid engaging Wraiths.
  • If a Dragon's pattern is too difficult, engage a lower-Strength monster to change the Dragon's pattern.


SystemVIC 20
Size3.75 KB