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Category: VIC20 - Games
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zip0 Archon - The Light and The Dark [VIC20]

Archon - The Light and The Dark by Aleksi Eeben (May/June 2021) - This is an absolutely amazing conversion of the famous Commodore 64 chess-like game originally by Anne Westfall, Jon Freeman and Paull Reiche III released in 1983 for the unexpanded VIC20.  Inside the archive are versions on .tap and .d64 and a very important acknowledgement PDF with additional details on the conversion.

As noted in the acknowledgement document, the official release can be obtained ...

29-10-21 English VIC 20 111.59 KB 45 Download
zip1 Dungeon of Dance

Dungeon of Dance by Jason Justian (2021) for the unexpanded VIC-20 is an old-school, but somewhat subverted, roguelike game. It has the classic genre elements: explore the dungeon, find food, armor, and potions that may or may not behave as advertised when imbibed. You'll encounter goblins to vex, wraiths to confound, and dragons to banish. The dragon holds the key to the door to the next level, and the only way to get that key is to best the dragon in a winner-take-all dance off! Find the

17-10-21 English VIC 20 3.75 KB 60 Download
zip2 MadLibVic NEW

A version of MadLib for the Vic20,  A slightly watered-down version of other MadLib games.  If you have stories to add, I ask you to e-mail me at rose.joseph12@yahoo.com.

06-11-21 English VIC 20 4.39 KB 23 Download
zip3 NitroWheels

NitroWheels is a racing game the Commodore VIC20 [unexpanded], developed by Enrico Bruttomesso.

05-10-19 English VIC 20 19.25 KB 372 Download
zip4 Vicarate 3.5 [unexpanded]

Vicarate 3.5 (released Jan. 7th, 2021) by Henner Kessler is a fighting game for the Commodore VIC-20.  No memory expansion is required, or can even be installed when playing.  There is support for 2 players when using the Protovision 4 player interface.  In the archive is both a .D64 image and a .PRG file that can be put on an SD card if using the SD2IEC with your VIC-20.  Be sure to load the game with Load "VICARATE35",8,1 as it's a machine language program.


17-01-21 English VIC 20 11.64 KB 194 Download