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Preboot 128 Preboot 128 v1.4

Preboot v1.4 by Brian Green (2016-2017) of the Particles BBS fame (http://www.particles.org) - This is a really cool boot loader for the Commodore 128 that works in conjunction with a CMD HD (or clone) and / or a RAMLink.  With this utility, you can choose which partition you boot from.  Here are some words from the author himself:

Preboot (currently at version 1.4) is an auto-boot menuing system I’ve created for the Commodore 128 in 80-column mode out of necessity. I own a CMD-HD (and clones) and when I turn on the 128, it boots whatever my default partition is – normally Wheels 128, or GEOS, or something else. If I don’t feel like booting into one of those systems, I have to RUN/STOP-RESTORE it before it boots too far. This is where the name Preboot comes in.


System Commodore 128
Size3.45 KB


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