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CBM Transfer v CBM Transfer v1.00 HOT

What can I do with it?

  • Transfer files to or from real CBM drives.
  • Create D64 and other images files from real CBM disks.
  • Write D64 and other files back to real CBM disks.
  • Transfer files to/from Disk Image Files.
  • Transfer files between two different Disk Image files.
  • View Commodore files (BASIC, SEQ, Binary, ML, Chr Sets, and Images). Supports all all machine types
  • ML viewer is a full two-pass symbolic disassembler!
  • Simple file operations like copy, delete, rename.
  • Launch VICE and attach disk images plus autorun.
  • Zoom Floppy supported.
  • Supports 1581 partitions with OpenCBM.
  • Format disks.
  • Supports IEEE drives with Zoom Floppy.
  • Supports reading/writing/viewing P00 files.

CBM-Transfer (aka "CBMXfer") is based on GUI4CBM4WIN (G4C from now on) by Leif Bloomquist, Wolfgang Moser, and Spiro Trikaliotis. G4C 0.4.1 source code was used as a starting point for CBM-Transfer. Most of the G4C code has been heavily modified or rewritten. The viewer also contains portions of code from CBM2BMP 1.1 by Peter Weighill.

CBM-Transfer was created separate from G4C for several reasons...

  • I have some IEEE drives and need to work with D80 images (Zoomfloppy was not available when I started).
  • I want one utility for all transfers.
  • The original G4C was written in VB6 but converted to VB.NET. I do not use VB.NET as it's too complicated and bulky.
  • I want to expand it far beyond the original.
  • I want a fun project to sharpen my programming skills.

What Do I Need?

  • A PC running Windows 95 or higher (see note below). Tested working on Windows 10.
  • VB6 runtimes (included with most versions of Windows).
  • Command-line utilities as required for your usage.


  • A Commodore IEC drive (1541/1571 etc), OpenCBM, X-Cable or Zoom Floppy adapter.
  • A Commodore IEEE drive (4040,8050 etc), OpenCBM, Zoom Floppy adapter with IEEE connector.
  • A Commodore IEEE drive (4040,8050 etc), CBMLink, CBMLink cable or adapter, Commodore Computer
  • Vice 2.3 or higher (includes C1541 utility) for viewing disk images and running emulation
  • Nibtools for drives with parallel connection, for making NIB or G64 files.
  • Commodore files (PRG, SEQ, P00)
  • Commodore disk images (D64/G64/D71/D80/D81/D82/NIB/NBZ)
  • Commodore picture files (ART,CDU,KOA,GEO and others)


  • Old 'DOS' X-Cables like the X1541 or XE1541 will not work for Windows!
  • The OpenCBM utility requires WindowNT or higher, so for most people this will be the case.
  • If you do NOT need to transfer files via X-cable, and only want to use the VIEWER features, then Win95 or higher is fine.


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