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64Copy v 64Copy v4.43 HOT

64COPY is an all-in-one file converter and DOS maintainance package.  Its
intended use is to convert  the  various  files  that  exist  for  the  C64
emulators. Files like D64, D71, D81, D80, D82, DNP,  D2M,  T64,  X64,  LNX,
ARK, ARC, SDA, LBR, SPY, CPK and all the  ZipCodes  (Diskpacked,  Sixpacked
and Filepacked) can be converted to  whatever  format  you  need  for  your
favorite emulator, or for use on the  real  C64.  You  still  need  to  get
whatever emulator package you want in order to use the files  you  have  as
64COPY does not provide any emulator functionality, nor does it communicate
with any Commodore disk drive.


System DOS
Size1.12 MB


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