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V1541Commander V1541Commander v1.1 HOT

V1541Commander allows you to create and modify D64 disk images (for the Commodore 1541 floppy drive).

  • v1.1 Changes
    * Allow to disable automatic image rewrite when opening an image with broken filesystem
    * Images with broken filesystems are read-only
    * Allow saving an image with broken filesystem
    * Warn before overflowing disk capacity or directory
    * Add a "settings" dialog
    * Full drag&drop support (files and text)
    * fix: set correct window icon on win32
    * several UI improvements: calculate sizes more reliably. Especially the directory list should now look ok on any screen resolution (DPI).

Check out - https://github.com/excess-c64/v1541commander for more info.


System Windows
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