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CBMXfer v CBMXfer v0.30 HOT

CBMXfer is a freeware file transfer program for the PC which lets you transfer files to and from a Commodore IEC or IEEE drive attached to the PC via X-Cable (OpenCBM compatible cable, including Zoom Floppy USB) or CBMLink cable. It is also a Commodore file viewer.

CBMXfer is a front-end (GUI) to several command-line utilities including:

  • OpenCBM.... Device driver and utilities to connect a Commodore IEC drive via "X-Cable" or USB (Zoom Floppy adapter)
  • CBMLink.... Talks to a Commodore computer via serial cable
  • Vice....... Emulators plus C1541 utility - Works with Commodore Disk Image files (like D64)
  • NibTools... Low-level disk "nibbler" utilities using parallel port cables

CBMXfer will not be very useful without at least one of the above utilties. Please see below for installation instructions! CBMXfer is based on GUI4CBM4WIN by Leif Bloomquist, Wolfgang Moser, and Spiro Trikaliotis. GUI4CBM4WIN Version 0.4.1 sourcecode was used as the base. CBMXfer also includes portions of CBM2BMP v1.1 by Peter Weighill.


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