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The Write Stuff The Write Stuff 128

** Update February 20th, 2023 - Inside this archive are a couple versions ranging from 1.34 to 1.83.  Thanks to Bruce Thomas for pointing out how to identify the version.  I will break these out into their appropriate archive.

The Write Stuff 128 by Busy Bee Software (1988) - This has to be the ultimate word processor for the Commodore 128.  There are so many features and capabilities that it would take pages to list them, so I'll just link to the Reference Manual so you can check it out yourself.  Here is a quick overview pulled from the reference manual:

The Write Stuff 128 is a collection of word processing software. The main program, BB Writer, is a high productivity, feature-laden word processor for the Commodore 128. Although designed to meet the needs of advanced users, BB Wr iter, when used in "menu mode," is equally suitable for use by children and occasional users. BB Writer allows all essential edit-print-load-save features to be selected from menus. No special keyboard or embedded commands need to be learned. However, as the user gains experience, over 100 advanced features can be selected using keyboard and embedded commands.

This archive was pulled from a couple sources.  The first souce was from CBM128.COM (which is a great source for all things Commodore 128), and the second source was from a Lemon64 Forum post where a user that goes by "thomcbm64" kindly shared a download link.  In the archive are both the 40-column and 80-column versions, but there is also an additional 80-colum version which I believe (not positive) is version 2.  I can't find anywhere in the program itself where it states it's version 2, but it loads differently than the version 1 (which states it's version 1).

Here is a link to the reference manual, and another to the startup/quick refence

I also recommend checking out this excellent blog post from the amigalove.com website that has good information and an interesting thread of comments.


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