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Category: Word Processors [C128]
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d64 floppy0 128 CBM Text Manager v1.3

1988, By Rick Mathewson. The Text Manager was written to be used for creating and editing terminal buffers. Docs are on the disk. Kind of like a word processor, this program is quite nice!

128 cbm text manager v1.3
03-04-15 English Commodore 128 45.19 KB 897 Download
d64 floppy1 128 CBM Text Manager v2.0 HOT

1988,1989 by Rick Mathewson. The TEXT MANAGER was written to be used for creating and editing messages captured/sent via modem. Most terminals lack a good buffer editor although they are becoming a bit more popular now.

128 cbm text manager v2.0
03-04-15 English Commodore 128 56.18 KB 999 Download
d64 floppy2 128 Text File Editor v1.4 HOT

1987 by K.P. Cormack. Text File Editor is just like it says. This is an 80 column program. The difference between this editor and a word processor is that it operates on lines of text versus text bodies. Docs are on the disk.

128 text file editor v1.4
03-04-15 English Commodore 128 18.14 KB 1,010 Download
zip3 ArcheType 128

ArcheType by Mark Jordan is an 80 column word processor for the Commodore 128.  Originally released in the 1986 May/June issue of Commodore Microcomputers. ArcheType was also released on Loadstar issue #25 (1986).  Included in the archive is a nice review of the program that you can pull up in ArcheType to read.  In the June/July 1986 issue of Commore PowerPlay magazine, there is a type in listing for some enhancements to ArcheType.

05-12-21 English Commodore 128 11.59 KB 301 Download
zip4 Easy Letter 128 v1.3

Easy Letter 128 makes short business correspondence a breeze! If you know who you want to send a letter to and what you want to say, this program does the rest. It even remembers your choice of two return addresses as well as your printer preferences.

23-09-19 English Commodore 128 15.68 KB 596 Download
zip5 GoofED 128 v1.0

GoofED 128 v1.0 by Ed Parry is a simple but full featured text editor for the Commodore 128.

24-09-19 English Commodore 128 14.36 KB 570 Download
zip6 Letter Writer 128 v3.1

Letter Writer 128 v3.1 for the Commodore 128 (80 Columns) is a simple but powerful text editor.

25-09-19 English Commodore 128 5.32 KB 551 Download
zip7 Note Pad 128 v1.3

Note Pad 128 v1.3 for the Commodore 128 (80 Columns) is a really cool and easy to use text editor worth advanced features like word wrap and autosave.

24-09-19 English Commodore 128 4.27 KB 577 Download
zip8 Presto Write 128

Presto Write 128 by Bob Kodadek for the Commodore 128 (80 Columns) is a nice clean and simple text editor that fits in just 7 blocks of disk space.

24-09-19 English Commodore 128 2.15 KB 594 Download
d64 floppy9 RUN Script 128 v2.40 HOT

Run Script 128 Version 2.40 is an 80-Column word processor for the C-128. All features that were present in RUN Script 64 Version 1.0 (see the March and April 1986 Editions of RUN) are still present in this version, but there are many enhancements and additions. There are 18 new dot commands and about 30 additional new features. Run Script 128 gives you about 68,000 bytes for your documents.

runscript 128 v2.40
03-04-15 English Commodore 128 53.57 KB 952 Download
d64 floppy10 SpeedScript 128+ HOT

SpeedScript 128+ is the final version of this famous word processing program for the Commodore 128.  Included on the disk is also the original version plus the patch that turns it into the + version.

speedscript 128 -1
06-01-16 English Commodore 128 10.04 KB 1,903 Download
zip11 Superscript 128

Superscript 128 - The Intelligent Word Processor for your Commodore 128.

Here's a link to the User Manual

17-05-20 English Commodore 128 279 KB 803 Download
zip12 The Write Stuff 128 NEW

The Write Stuff 128 by Busy Bee Software (1988) - This has to be the ultimate word processor for the Commodore 128.  There are so many features and capabilities that it would take pages to list them, so I'll just link to the Reference Manual so you can check it out yourself.  Here is a quick overview pulled from the reference manual:

TheWriteStuff128isacollectionofwordprocessingsoftware. Themainprogram,BBWriter,isahighproductivity,feature-laden wordprocessorfortheCommodore128.Althoughdesignedtomeetthe needsofadvancedusers,BBWriter,whenusedin"menumode,"is equallysuitableforusebychildrenandoccasionalusers.BB Writerallowsallessentialedit-print-load-savefeaturestobe selectedfrommenus.Nospecialkeyboardorembeddedcommandsneed tobelearned.However,astheusergainsexperience,over100 advancedfeaturescanbeselectedusingkeyboardandembedded commands.

This archive was pulled from a couple sources.  The first souce was from CBM128.COM (which is a great source for all things Commodore 128), and the second source was from a Lemon64 Forum post where a user that goes by "thomcbm64" kindly shared a download link.  In the archive are both the 40-column and 80-column versions, but there is also an additional 80-colum version which I believe (not positive) is version 2.  I can't find anywhere in the program itself where it states it's version 2, but it loads differently than the version 1 (which states it's version 1).

Here is a link to the reference manual, and another to the startup/quick refence

I also recommend checking out this excellent blog post from the amigalove.com website that has good information and an interesting thread of comments.

19-01-23 English Commodore 128 838.5 KB 41 Download
d64 floppy13 Word Writer 128 HOT

Word Writer 128 is an 80-column professional word processing system for home and business.  Includes an 85,000 word spelling checker and a built-in 5 function calculator.

word writer 128 1
19-05-15 English Commodore 128 273.02 KB 1,346 Download
zip14 ZED 128 v0.77 HOT

ZED 128 v0.77 written by Craig Bruce and released on February 16th, 1993 - Full docs are inside the disk image.

Zed is a text-editor program for the Commodore-128 80-column screen. To use it, just LOAD and RUN the "ZED-128" binary file. Be sure to save it in PRG format.

Here is a summary of Zed's important features:

  • Works with *BIG* text files.
  • 100% unadulterated machine code with high-speed VDC accessing.
  • Uses Burst commands for reading 1571 and 1581 files.
  • Uses a dynamically allocated data structure to hold the editor document and the "Kill Buffer".
  • Will optionally expand TAB characters into spaces while loading a file and compress spaces into TABs while saving.
  • Global search and replace.
  • Range delete and recall.
  • File translation to and from ASCII-CrLf?, ASCII-Lf, ASCII-Cr, and SPEEDSCRIPT character codes.
  • Has a feature for cutting and filling (juggling) text lines to form paragraphs with roughly the same number of characters on each line.

And here is its major limitation: 

  • Has a maximum line length of 80 characters. It will split file lines longer than that.  
24-04-17 English Commodore 128 19.37 KB 996 Download
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