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New Koala Drivers v1.2 [GEOS] New Koala Drivers v1.2 [GEOS]

New Koala Drivers v1.2 by Spike Dethman (December 15th, 1990) - This set of drivers for the Koala Pad are a huge improvement over the drivers by Berkley Softworks.  Instead of using absolute addressing, these drivers use relative addressing so that instead of the mouse pointer just appearing where you click on the Koala, the Koala acts more like a modern day trackpad.  There are four drivers total, 2 for joystick port one, and 2 for joystick port 2.  The difference between the drivers is the orientation in which you use the Koala. 

Full docs are in the archive which cover detailed use.


System Commodore 64
Size3.15 KB