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zip.png 1351 GEOS Drivers [PBM]

In this archive are six drivers by Paul Murdaugh (of the GEOS DualTop fame) for the 1351 mouse for use with GEOS 64 & GEOS 128.  Paul compiled these custom drivers to have various acceleration rates (or Drag as it's called in GEOS).  The drivers also have much better wrap detection, they can tell if you go off the top of the screen, then instead of bouncing the pointer down it just stays at the top edge.

Desktop page 1 has the GEOS 64 drivers, and page 2 has the GEOS 128 versions.

20-01-21 English Commodore 64 170.75 KB 171.00 Download
zip.png Inkwell Lightpen Driver [GEOS]

GEOS Inkwell (FlexiDraw) lightpen input driver by David Durran (dated August 26th, 1986)

16-04-21 English Commodore 64 1.6 KB 118.00 Download
zip.png NEOS Mouse Driver for GEOS

As quoted from c64-wiki.com :

The Neos Mouse was a third party mouse, produced by the company Nihon Electronics Co. Ltd. (internally Mitshumi), introduced in 1985 for the C64 and C128 at the same time as the Commodore 1350, really a joystick shaped in a mouse form.

Check out this Scuzzblog Diaries post about using GEOS with a NEOS Mouse.

02-03-20 English Commodore 64 94.63 KB 280.00 Download
zip.png New Koala Drivers v1.2 [GEOS]

New Koala Drivers v1.2 by Spike Dethman (December 15th, 1990) - This set of drivers for the Koala Pad are a huge improvement over the drivers by Berkley Softworks.  Instead of using absolute addressing, these drivers use relative addressing so that instead of the mouse pointer just appearing where you click on the Koala, the Koala acts more like a modern day trackpad.  There are four drivers total, 2 for joystick port one, and 2 for joystick port 2.  The difference between the drivers is the orientation in which you use the Koala. 

Full docs are in the archive which cover detailed use.

10-04-21 English Commodore 64 3.15 KB 118.00 Download
zip.png Port 2 Drivers v1.1 [GEOS]

Port 2 Drivers v1.1 by Spike Dethman, Chris Hawley & David Durran (dated August 1991) - This is a set of three drivers for GEOS that work on joystick port 2.  The first is the standard Joystick / Commodore 1350 Mouse driver, the second is a proportional 1351 Mouse driver, and the third is an accelerated proportional 1351 Mouse driver.  Documentation is included in the archive.

10-04-21 English Commodore 64 3.88 KB 127.00 Download