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T TermX

TermX by Stephen E. Masters (January 1984) - This C64 BASIC program is not a full terminal program, but rather something custom coded for uploading and downloading from something the author describes in the docs as the "TSP or CMS on the UM computer system".  There is some pretty good documentation included in the archive.  Here is an excerpt from the docs:

TERMX is a terminal emulation program for the Commodore-64. It will work on TSO or CMS on the UM computer system. Some of its features include:

1. File upload and download from CMS using CMS execs and programs.
2. "Bell code" recognition.
3. Multiple line feeds after each line are suppressed.
4. Carrier tone recognition and initial response.

Thanks DLH for sharing.


System Commodore 64
Size7.61 KB


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