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GEOWORLD - Issue 01 (March 1987)

  • GEOS - A whole new world for the C=64 (Review by Peter and Paul Hughes)
    • Nice review of the current offerings from Berkeley Softworks - Covers each base application and other BSW Offerings at the time of this article.
  • Inside GEOS (by Master Blaster)
    • This is the first of a series on programming within the GEOS environment, in particular about the high level things that need to be considered before diving into code.
  • Light Pens (Mystic Jims Shareware)
    • Interesting article on how handy a light pen is as an input device, but also the limitations of the Flexidraw Inkwell Lightpen and the BSW Driver.  Additionally, this article discusses how to overcome these limitation when using other Light Pens with the Flexidraw driver.
  • Questions & Answers - Several good Q&A topics including why printing crashes early versions of GEOS, why the order of files on a disk is important and tips on dealing with graphics in geoWrite.
  • From GEOS Forum - Additional Q&A that came directly from the Quantumlink GEOS forums.
  • GEOLASER Fonts - Handy printout of the various LW (Laser Writer) fonts available.


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