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GEOWORLD - Issue 04 (June 1987)

  • MacPaint to GeoPaint Conversions By Peter and Paul Hughes
    • Interesting review of the various programs that were used over time to convert MacPaint images to GeoPaint and what the limitations of the early programs were.
  • Double the Size of Print Shop Graphics By Terry R. Mills
    • Outline of the steps needed to use Graphics Grabber from Desk Pack 1 to create a double sized PrintShop clipart graphic.  Also includes a BASIC program to view the files.
  • GeoPaint and MacPaint Proportions by Peter Hughes
    • In depth examination of the difference in resolution and proportion of MacPaint graphics when converted to GeoPaint.
  • Inside GEOS by Master Blaster
    • Excellent article about Events and Menus as related to programming in GEOS
  • Berkeley Softworks by Rob Siegel (GEOS Rob)
    • An article about how Rob uses GEOS programs throughout his day at work.
  • Interesting Diagrams by K.F.C.
    • There are a couple pages that have some really detailed diagrams of what I think are cheat sheets for GeoPaint and GeoWrite.


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