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The KoalaPad The KoalaPad Book NEW

The KoalaPad touch tablet, and its library of graphics software, is an affordable tool that, for the first time, allows Atari, IBM PC and PCjr, Commodore 64, and Apple computer users to glide a finger over a smooth tablet surface to:

  • construct color pictures of your own design on the display screen
  • learn to compose and play music, from nursery rhymes to Baroque fugues
  • create word and spelling games, puzzles, and adventure stories with customized game boards
  • write computer programs in BASIC, Logo, and PILOT programming languages
  • explore new ideas for programs and applications on your computer system!

THE KOALAPAD BOOK has it all- directions from how to hook up the tablet to your computer system to videotaping your projects - and a thorough look at the software programs available, like Reader Rabbit and Pinball Construction Set. Whether in the classroom or at home, adults and children alike will be amazed at the touch of simple elegance the KoalaPad can add to your computer system.


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