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zip.png Commodore 128 Internals
After the success of the C-64, Commodore brought out the Plus 4, C-16, and C-116. These computers didn't really offer anything new, but the Commodore 128 does. It's really three computers in one: the well-known C-64, with mountains of software available for it; also, it contains a new computer based on the "success chips11 (the 6510 (6502), VIC, SID, 6526, etc); and last, it is a CP/M computer. In total, it's a brand new computer with lots to offer.
11-09-19 English PDF 38.93 MB 7.00
zip.png Commodore 1571 Internals

This book is intended to help you get acquainted with all of the functions of the 1570 and the 1571. With this in mind, you will find a reader's guide following the table of contents.  My goal is to lead you to the successful use of this disk drive— doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional.  The 1571 Internals book is not only a tutorial guide, but above all it is also a reference work.

11-09-19 English PDF 37.75 MB 6.00