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zip0 1541 Maintenance Guide

The 1541 Maintenance Guide is produced to give a brief, concise source of pertinent information necessary for maintenance of theVIC-1541 and the 1541 disk drives. Most of the information in this Guide has come from the 1541 Maintenance Manual, which isalso published by Peltier Industries. For those persons desiring more thorough coverage of the 1541 series of disk drives, the 1541 Maintenance Manual is available through authorized dealers.

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zip1 A Survival Guide to the 1541 Disk Drive

Congratulations! You now own a Commodore and a 1541 Disk Drive. You've got a great combination. Unfortunately, you've also got the VIC-1541 User's Manual and you may be finding it tough to dig out the information you need. That's what this Survival Guide is here for. Here you can find the information you need, in plain English, to make the most of your system.

You might want to glance through the entire Guide, just to get an idea of what's here and where it is. Don't feel that you have to learn everything at once! The Guide's broken down into easy-to-swallow pieces. You say all you want to do is load and run your new game disk Giant Space Marshmallows Attack Harrisburg!? Fine. Look in the First Steps 'Ready-made disks'. You want to save the nifty little program you just ran off? That's First Steps - 'Your Own Disk'. The stupid little red light is blinking and you don't have any idea why? Look in Second Steps -'The error channel or That Stupid Red Light is on AGAIN". It's all here. Relax.

Another purpose for the guide was to correct a few little mistakes in the User's Manual. I'll give references to the User's Manual so you'll be able to make comparisons.

There's a section here on the 'Wedge' program you got with your disk drive. I'll give you some reasons why you'll want to use it, as well as a more comprehensive list of commands.

You can also find some general information on files. I've included a section on very general troubleshooting and a bibliography of helpful books and articles.

Last but certainly not least is the at-a-glance reference listings on the inside of the cover. You can use the listings found there to jag your memory of just what to type to Format, or Initialize or Read the Error Channel.

Have fun!

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zip2 Commodore 128 Internals
After the success of the C-64, Commodore brought out the Plus 4, C-16, and C-116. These computers didn't really offer anything new, but the Commodore 128 does. It's really three computers in one: the well-known C-64, with mountains of software available for it; also, it contains a new computer based on the "success chips11 (the 6510 (6502), VIC, SID, 6526, etc); and last, it is a CP/M computer. In total, it's a brand new computer with lots to offer. commodore-128-Internals
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zip3 Commodore 1571 Internals

This book is intended to help you get acquainted with all of the functions of the 1570 and the 1571. With this in mind, you will find a reader's guide following the table of contents.  My goal is to lead you to the successful use of this disk drive— doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional.  The 1571 Internals book is not only a tutorial guide, but above all it is also a reference work.

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zip4 Commodore 64 Troubleshooting and Repair Guide

The Commodore 64 Troubleshooting & Repair Guide will help you keep your microcomputer in top operating condition. This book will guide you step by easy step through the complexities of making simple repairs to your Commodore 64.

  • Learn fo fix it yourself
  • Basic and advanced chapters
  • Make most repairs with few or no fools
  • Worth many times its cost in repair savings alone
  • Quickly zero in on a malfunctioning component
  • Easy to understand circuit diagrams
  • Contains schematics, block diagrams, and photos
  • ... and much more

These and many other features are explained in an easy to read, easy to understand style that makes learning an interesting and rewarding investment of precious time.

The Commodore 64 Troubleshooting & Repair Guide will teach even a computer novice how to feel comfortable with the complex world of electronic troubleshooting. The fully illustrated Commodore 64 Troubleshooting & Repair Guide is highly recommended reading for anyone who uses a Commodore 64.

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zip5 Commodore 64 Tune-Up

A computer is mostly used for data processing. These data comes very often from economics and is entered via the keyboard into the computer.

A different kind of data comes from measurement. These data, wich origine in an analog world must be adapted by transducers to the digital world.

Therefore it is not only necessary to know all about computers, but a good knowledge of how to process analog signals is needed.

The experiments described in this book must be regarded only as examples, because every real application in measurement must have a special distinct solution.

The Commodore C64 is an ideal computer for measurement. Data.can be easily accessed by the USER- or the Expansion port. The Time of Day clock can be used for real time applications.

Have fun in controlling the analog world.

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pdf6 commodore-care-manual
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zip7 Mega65 Book - Complete Compendium (May 2022)

Congratulations on your purchase of one of the most long-awaited computers in the history of computing! The MEGA65 is community designed, and based on the never-released Commodore® 651computer; a computer designed in 1989 and intended for public release in 1990. Decades have passed, and we have endeavoured to invoke memories of an earlier time when computers were simple and friendly. They were not only simple to operate and understand, but friendly and approachable for new users.

Please visit the official Mega65 files page to get the latest version.

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zip8 Sam's Computerfacts - Epson FX-80 Printer

This data for the Epson FX-80 printer provides the user with a time-saving service tool which is designed for quick isolation and repair of Computer system malfunctions.

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zip9 Sam's Computerfacts - Okidata Okimate 20 Printer

This data for the Okidata Okimate 20 provides the user with a time-saving service tool which is designed for quick isolation and repair of Computer system malfunctions.

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zip10 The KoalaPad Book

The KoalaPad touch tablet, and its library of graphics software, is an affordable tool that, for the first time, allows Atari, IBM PC and PCjr, Commodore 64, and Apple computer users to glide a finger over a smooth tablet surface to:

  • construct color pictures of your own design on the display screen
  • learn to compose and play music, from nursery rhymes to Baroque fugues
  • create word and spelling games, puzzles, and adventure stories with customized game boards
  • write computer programs in BASIC, Logo, and PILOT programming languages
  • explore new ideas for programs and applications on your computer system!

THE KOALAPAD BOOK has it all- directions from how to hook up the tablet to your computer system to videotaping your projects - and a thorough look at the software programs available, like Reader Rabbit and Pinball Construction Set. Whether in the classroom or at home, adults and children alike will be amazed at the touch of simple elegance the KoalaPad can add to your computer system.

2023-09-13 English PDF 9.61 MB 213 Download
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