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CCGMS Future CCGMS Future v0.1

CCGMS Future v0.1 - Released in August 2021 by Mist64 is the next step in evolution for the beloved CCGMS terminal program originally written by Craig Smith, then later updated by Alwyz. New features include:

  • Fixed timing for PAL in User Port and UP9600 drivers
  • Implemented XMODEM-1K
    • protocol XMODEM-1K forces 1K on upload
    • any XMODEM protocol will accept 1K blocks on download
  • XMODEM-CRC autodetect on upload
    • protocols XMODEM-CRC/-1K will force CRC on download
    • any XMODEM protocol will accept CRC on upload

NOTE - This isn't the newest version, but I'm adding it to keep the lineage as complete as possible.


System Commodore 64
Size103.43 KB


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