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CCGMS Future CCGMS Future v0.2

CCGMS Future v0.2 - Released in March 2022 by Mist64 is the next step in evolution for the beloved CCGMS terminal program originally written by Craig Smith, then later updated by Alwyz and Michael Steil.  New features include:

  • Added support for a software 80 column screen mode
    • F8 now cycles: 40c PETSCII -> 40c ASCII -> 80c PETSCII -> 80c ASCII
    • All menus, transfers etc. temporarily switch back to 40 col screen. The 80 column contents will be preserved when temporarily switching.
    • In 80 color ASCII mode, the characters ^_`{|}~ are available, matching ASCII (unlike 40 col ASCII).
  • Fixed ASCII-PETSCII conversion of codes 0x60 and 0x7B
  • Changed some wording to be clearer (imho):
    • "Graphics" and "C/G" to "PETSCII"
    • "Anscii" to "ASCII"
    • "Author's Message" to "Instructions"
  • Internal changes
    • rewrote RS232 driver model
    • cleaned up code memory layout

Additional changes since CCGMS 2021:

  • Fixed timing for PAL in User Port and UP9600 drivers
  • Implemented XMODEM-1K
  • XMODEM-CRC autodetect on upload


System Commodore 64
Size135.66 KB