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NEW in v2021:

Punter stack and Unlisted dialer bugs have been eliminated
Support in autodialer for Zimodem and related WiFi device firmware that prefer an ATD prefix to ATDT.

As always, Easyflash cartridge version with save/load phonebook from cart option available

To set up your Ultimate for Swiftlink emulation:

– ACIA / Swiftlink on.
– DE00/NMI
– CTS Active (low)
– Command interface off if you want to use the 64k REU Buffer. (looks like there may be conflicts)
– Cartridges off (Swiftlink uses DE00 cartridge area)
– In CCGMS, Set modem to Swift / Turbo DE, and baud rate to 38400.

What is here:

Pretty much anything you could want in a modern C64 Terminal program
40 column Color Graphics Petscii / Ascii / Ansi terminal modes
Punter / Multi-Punter / Xmodem / Xmodem-CRC File Transfers
Support for User Port / UP9600 / Swiftlink serial devices
Baud Rates from 300-38.4k
17XX REU Buffer 64k Support
Easyflash Cartridge Phonebook / Configuration load/save
Autodialer phonebook to store all of your BBS addresses, user names, and passwords
DOS Wedge with support for drives #8-30
Macros, Screenshots, Themes, and lots of little extras
NTSC and PAL compatible for proper user port timing.

What isn’t here:

RR-Net Support.
IDE64 Compatibility.
80 Column Emulation.
Protocols for XModem-1k / YModem / ZModem / HModem
Support for devices other than a 17XX REU, Easyflash, and Swiftlink which use the cartridge port (Lt. Kernal I’m looking at you)
100% support for hardware acceleration devices (SuperCPU etc). Certain conditions may affect file transfer handshake timing.

This is my final version of CCGMS. As I’ve found all of the bugs I’ve been able to find, and added all the features I wished to add, I will no longer be maintaining this program or running the support BBS for it, Afterlife. Source code is in the download link for those who wish to take over and add more features.


System Commodore 64
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