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Digi-Player Digi-Player v2.0

Digi-Player v2.0 by Mark A. Dickenson (January 5th, 1989) - This utility is designed to convert Digitized Sound files from the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Machintosh and Apple II/GS to a format that can be used by the Commodore 64/128. You may then save the converted file to disk for later use. This file will be HALF the size of the origional file. The maximum buffer space is 60416 bytes. You can convert files of 120832 bytes for use on the C-64. If you want to convert files over the 120k size, you may. The  program will truncate the sound file and just use what memory is availible. You can then use this program to play back the files. You also have control over the speed of playback. You will enjoy using this program to show off one of the hidden capabilities of the 64.

Note - Docs included in the archive.


System Commodore 64
Size4.64 KB


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