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zip0 Airwolf Fixer v1.0

Airwolf Fixer v1.0 by Lamex Indostries (1993) - This program isn't anything like the name suggests, or at least doesn't have anything to do with the game called Airwolf.  There are a ton of screens of documentation, but they were all written in some type of Babel Fish English, so a bit tough to decifer.  Anway, from what I can gather, you can feed any music file into the program and it will interleave the Airwolf theme music into the music.  Additionally you can add some visual effects and change around where the music resides in memory.

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d64 floppy1 Audio Digitizer HOT

This is a really cool program by Russell Prater that lets you convert audio recorded on a tape to a digitized file that you can play on your Commodore 64.  Full docs and even a sample recording are included.

audio digitizer-1
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d64 floppy2 Basic Band Computer Tutor

Basic Band Computer Tutor by Alfred Publishing & written by Sandy Feldstein and John O'Reilly is a neat little program to help you learn how to play various instruments such as Flue, French Horn, Oboe, Sax, Tuba, Trumper, etc...

basic band computer tutor-1
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zip3 Digi-Player v2.0

Digi-Player v2.0 by Mark A. Dickenson (January 5th, 1989) - This utility is designed to convert Digitized Sound files from the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Machintosh and Apple II/GS to a format that can be used by the Commodore 64/128. You may then save the converted file to disk for later use. This file will be HALF the size of the origional file. The maximum buffer space is 60416 bytes. You can convert files of 120832 bytes for use on the C-64. If you want to convert files over the 120k size, you may. The  program will truncate the sound file and just use what memory is availible. You can then use this program to play back the files. You also have control over the speed of playback. You will enjoy using this program to show off one of the hidden capabilities of the 64.

Note - Docs included in the archive.

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d64 floppy4 Guitar Teacher

Guitar Teacher by Rick Kephart (2/2/88) - The following is from the docs file included in the archive:

This program is intended for anyone wishing to learn to play the guitar, or for those beginning to learn. One of the most important points in learning to play the guitar is learning how to find the notes. That is the purpose of this program.

guitar teacher
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zip5 S.A.M. 64 HOT

SAM (Software Automatic Mouth)is speak software for the Commodore C64. When RECITER (S.A.M.'s translator) is on, SAM can reads normal English text and translate into phonetic script which SAM speak. When RECITER is off, SAM reads and speaks phonetic script. The C64 version of the The Write Stuff word processor uses S.A.M. as the speech software for BB Talker. If you have the C64 version of The Write Stuff which lacks a copy of S.A.M., you can download a copy so that word processor can speak its text.

Docs are included inside the archive.

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d64 floppy6 SID Converter

Written by Billy Godfrey - Sid Converter will convert .mus files to self contained 'sys30120' files. Read the Demo Docs on disk for a little more info.

sid converter
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d64 floppy7 SID Organizer v3.0

1988 by Jerry Roth - SID Organizer will let you track up to 2500 SIDS along with their 'wds', 'pic', 'str' and 'ani' files. Full support for sorting and printing included in the program.

sid organizer v3.0
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d64 floppy8 Sid Test v4.0c1

Sid Test was written by Jonathan Gevaryahu and the help of many others (see screenshot).  This test program covers hipass, bandpass and lowpass.  Please see this page for further instructions on how to use the program -

sidtest 4.0c1
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d64 floppy9 SIDMaster64 Pre-release 2

Connect your favorite Midi Controller Device to your C64 Midi Interface ( Or just use WinVice Midi Emulation ) and start jamming around or stream your Favorite Midi file to your Commodore 64 and let Sidmaster play it.

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d64 floppy10 Sidwriter II

I'll be honest, I don't know what the hell this program does.  I guess it lets you add text to a SID but who knows.  I googled and looked around for docs but none were to be found.

sidwriter ii-1
2015-10-05 English Commodore 64 20.72 KB 702 Download
d64 floppy11 Stereo Help

This file contains a graphically displayed schematic, showing one of many ways to mount the necessary parts on a circuit board to modify your SX/64/128 Computer to Stereo. *** Use These Files In Conjunction With Mark A. Dickenson's StereoSchematics *** Which is also included on the disk.

stereo help
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d64 floppy12 Ultrachord v1.0

By N. Keith Coleman 1987. Learn how to play chords on your guitar. This program features up to 420 chords to learn.

ultrachord v1.0
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