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Enhanced Sidpl Enhanced Sidplayer

Enhanced Sidplayer (COMPUTE! 1986) released with aditional utilities and a disk full of demo music by Red Sector. Included with the Sidplayer is the following:

  • SidPlayer - Plays SidPlayer songs
  • Sid Editor - Lets you enter, edit and play back SidPlayer Music files
  • Polycon Utility - Converts a solo voice into polyphonic voices
  • Utldur - Changes a given range of notes into utility durations
  • SpeedScript -> .WDS - Converts SpeedScript text into a .WDS Singalong song file
  • EasyScript -> .WDS - Converts EasyScript text into a .WDS Singalong song file
  • Sid Copier - Convenient was to copy any number of music, word or picture files
  • Basic Merge Demo - Demo of SidPlayer music merged with a BASIC program
  • Merge Utility - Lets you combine several music files to form one large file
  • Extract Utility - Lets you extract given range of notes from a song


System Commodore 64
Size86.79 KB