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zip0 Enhanced Sidplayer HOT

Enhanced Sidplayer (COMPUTE! 1986) released with aditional utilities and a disk full of demo music by Red Sector. Included with the Sidplayer is the following:

  • SidPlayer - Plays SidPlayer songs
  • Sid Editor - Lets you enter, edit and play back SidPlayer Music files
  • Polycon Utility - Converts a solo voice into polyphonic voices
  • Utldur - Changes a given range of notes into utility durations
  • SpeedScript -> .WDS - Converts SpeedScript text into a .WDS Singalong song file
  • EasyScript -> .WDS - Converts EasyScript text into a .WDS Singalong song file
  • Sid Copier - Convenient was to copy any number of music, word or picture files
  • Basic Merge Demo - Demo of SidPlayer music merged with a BASIC program
  • Merge Utility - Lets you combine several music files to form one large file
  • Extract Utility - Lets you extract given range of notes from a song
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zip1 GeoPlayer v1.1

GeoPlayer v1.1 by M.Angelini (geoRAM not GEOS) is a very cool utility designed to take advantage of the speed and capacity of the geoRAM RAM expansion and the various clones.  With geoPlayer, you can play back .WAV files, SID music and Koala pictures.  The ability to upload these files to geoRAM is also built into the program.  There are a few limitations, such as only 10 Koala pics, and SIDs can only load to address $1000, but still a cool tool, and hopefully future versions will overcome these limitations.

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zip2 Music Star

Music Star by Knees Calhoon is a nice menu type interface SID player for .MUS type SID music.  Really easy to use interface with just the right amount of options.

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d64 floppy3 Rob's 30120 Music Player v1.0a

Written by Robert Little. Rob's Music Player will play all 30120 music files created with Master Composer. The program can be controlled with either a joystick in port 2 or the cursor keys. A couple music files are included on the disk.

robs 30120 music player v1.0a
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d64 floppy4 Sid Accompanist

Sid Accompanist was designed and programmed by Art Perlinger and was released in January 1989 by Witch Doctor Production.  Not super flashy, but gets the job done when you want to listen to some SIDS. 

sid accompanist-1
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d64 floppy5 SID Player v0.9 HOT

This is a program that can playback .SID files found in the HVSC collection ( on a real Commodore 64/128. Make sure you have the most recent HVSC version for your sid files. It was designed for both PAL and NTSC computers, and will play all sid songs at correct system speed.

In the zip file there are docs and several versions of the program for various storage types such as sd2iec, 1541 ultimate, IDE64, etc...

sidplay 64 v0.9-1
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d64 floppy6 SID Tuner v2.1

By John L. Tuner - SID Tuner is a 3 voice and 6 voice (Stereo) sid player. Stereo sids require an additional sid chip hardware add-on. The program has an exstensive help file.

sid tuner v2.1
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zip7 Sidpic v1.2

Sidpic v1.2 is an early version of Kermit R. Woodall's SID music player that not only plays your tunes but displays pictures at the same time.  

sidpic v1.2-1
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d64 floppy8 Sidpic v2.5

1986 by Kermit R. Woodall. Sidpic was written to replace or provide an alternative to SINGALONG and the regular SIDPlayers like KPLAY. Sidpic also allows the display of hires graphics pictures while your SID music plays. Full docs are included on the disk along with a sample sid.

sid pic v2.5
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d64 floppy9 Sidpic v3.4

Sidpic v3.4 was written by Kermit R. Woodall and release in June 1987.  Sidpic is a sid player that offers singalong type playing.  Full docs and some sample sids are included on the disk.

sidpic v3.4-1
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d64 floppy10 Sidpic v3.5 HOT

Sidpic v3.5 was written by Kermit R. Woodall.  Not sure when this particular version was released, but I do believe it was the last version.  Nice SID player which can also deal with .wds (word files) and .pic (Koala/Doodle) files that may accompany music.

sidpic v3.5
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d64 floppy11 SidPlay64 v0.9 (All Versions)

This is a program that can playback .SID files found in the HVSC collection ( on a real Commodore 64/128. Make sure you have the most recent HVSC version for your sid files. It was designed for both PAL and NTSC computers, and will play all sid songs at correct system speed.

In the zip file there are docs and several versions of the program for various storage types such as sd2iec, 1541 ultimate, IDE64, etc...

sidplay 64 v0.9
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d64 floppy12 SIDPlay64 v1.00 HOT

This is a program that can playback .SID files found in the HVSC collection on a real Commodore 64/128.

You will find different versions of SP64 in this package, most of themwill work on all devices.  But I suggest you use the correct version for for your device, since they might contain special commands.

Versions of the program:

  • sidplay64-reu-1541u2cmd.prg – 1541 Ultimate II version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-1541u-netdrive.prg – 1541 Ultimate & Netdrive with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-iec-cmd-ide64.prg – CMD drives, IDE64 devices & other IEC devices, with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-normal.prg – REU version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones of these.
  • sidplay64-normal.prg – Standard version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones.
  • sidplay64-1541u-netdrive.prg – 1541 Ultimate & Netdrive.
  • sidplay64-iec-cmd-ide64.prg- CMD drives, IDE64 devices & other IEC devices.
  • sidplay64-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC.

(The 1541U2 software iec mode has been disabled for this build.)

sidplay64 v1.00
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zip13 SIDPlay64 v1.2.1

A native Commodore 64 program that can play SID files from the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). It will run from any C64 friendly device. SID songs will be played back at correct speed on both PAL and NTSC computers. Now also supports SIDFX, Turbo Chameleon and BASIC sid files and lastly, a inject song length tool to play songs at correct lengths.

Changes in v1.2.1 -* Updated: SIDFX card detection.

For the latest version of SIDPlay64, visit the SourceForge Repository here -

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d64 floppy14 SIDPlus v2.0

SIDPlus v2.0 by Kenneth Bell Jr. is a SID player that will play music, words and pictures - think karaoke. Pictures can be Doodle, Koala & most 32 block graphics. Version 2.0 adds support for using the joystick to make selections.

sidplus v2.0
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d64 floppy15 Stereo Sid-Player v10.2

Written by Mark A. Dickenson, Stereo Player v10.2 was a popular SID music player for the Commodore 64.

stereo player 10.2-1
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d64 floppy16 Stereo Sid-Player v10.3

Stereo Sid-Player was the defacto standard sid player for those lucky people who had two sid chips.  This is version 10.3 released in 1988 by Mark A. Dickenson.

stereo sod-player v10.3
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d64 floppy17 Stereo Sid-Player v10.5 HOT

Stereo Player v10.5 was written by Mark A. Dickenson.  This particular version appears to be the last released version.  My belief is that this is what was going to be version 11.

stereo player 10.5-1
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d64 floppy18 Stereo Sid-Player v3.0

1986 Disk-Vision by Mark A. Dickenson. Technically this program is called "The Sid-Player Stereo Keyboard Version 3.0". Will play stereo and non-stereo sids with lots of playback options. Docs and a few sample songs are on the disk also.

stereo sid player v3.0
2015-04-02 English Commodore 64 19.77 KB 819 Download
zip19 Stereo Sid-Player v7.0

Stereo Sid-Player v7.0 (1987 by Mark A. Dickenson) - This is by no means the newest version of this excellent Sid player, but I like to keep all versions of software around because I've found that sometimes newer versions will remove features, or introduce new bugs.  This particular archive has a nice collection of 18 stereo sids included from the great 1980's.

Please note - you will need to have two SID chips in your Commodore 64 to get full benefit from this program.

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d64 floppy20 The Magic SID Machine HOT

This is a pretty cool sid music player. You can create a directory file of all the sid songs on your disk and then print them out and/or play the music.

the magic sid machine
2015-04-02 English Commodore 64 7.85 KB 947 Download
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