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FIBR is a file browser for the C64 and shows directories of original Commodore floppies, SD2IEC (MMC2IEC) and MMC64. FIBR can also display the directories (for example, hard disk images) from the emulators VICE and Power64 (also case-sensitive). Our goal is to support the most common Cardreader and hard disk interfaces in the future. The browser is completely programmed in assembler and is extremely fast and compatible. It supports long filenames, directories and D64 images. FIBR has a specially designed interface for this purpose with a modified character set and (in a later version) selectable color themes. The design is very clear and functional, the font is legible. The letters are smaller than normal C64 characters to increase the line spacing for better readability. You can switch between different views (1 window or 2 windows horizontally or vertically) and jump between the windows via the control key. There is a proportional scroll bar and too long names are shortened cleanly.

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System Commodore 64
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