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CBM FileBrowser CBM FileBrowser v1.4 HOT

This program works as a program launcher for Commodore machines. Even if it was originally intended for a device with sd2iec firmware, it works also with any CBM drive (without sd2iec functions of course).

 It is a multi-system version derived from the discontinued sd2brwse v.0.6 by Hannu Nuotio (fork() of sdbrowse v.0.7) The Vic-20 Mega-Cart Installer is based on sys.asm sources of mega-tools by Daniel Kahlin <daniel@kahlin.net> sort routine by Michael Kircher

v1.4 – 19-Jul-2012 (Added JIFFYDTV speed-up support for C64-DTV, Clear screen before RUN)


System Commodore 64
Size125.25 KB


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