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FB (FileBrowser) FB (FileBrowser) 2.0+

FB (FileBrowser) v2.0+ is a standalone version of the filebrowser(FB) used in JaffyDOS v1.3, now supporting over 3200 directory entries.

CRSR UP         = Up one position.
CRSR DOWN  = Down one position.
CRSR LEFT     = Up 10 positions.
CRSR RIGHT  = Down 10 positions.
F1                    = Go to First entry in the list.
F2                    = Refresh.
F3                    = Go to Last entry in the list.
F7                    = Quit.
RETURN         = Load & Run / Enter dir / Mount image or swaplist.
INST/DEL        = Exit dir / Unmount image.


System Commodore 64
Size1010 B


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