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Artillery Duel De Artillery Duel Deluxe NEW

As I've said in the past, games aren't typically my thing so I don't post them very often, but this one is exceptional and deserves to be shared.  Based on the original 1983 release, Artillery Duel Deluxe is a turn based strategy game with some really cool features:

- 1-player mode
- 2-player online mode incl. message function (with WiC64 or kernal64 emulator)
- online spectator (live and replay function) (with WiC64 or kernal64 emulator)
- online ranking (with WiC64 or kernal64 emulator)
- ingame manual
- PAL/NTSC (speed) adapted
- optimized use of joysticks in port 1 and 2 + protopad support
- acceleration resp. abort possibilities of different processes for a more comfortable gameplay
- countless smaller optical and technical adjustments and optimizations

Official release comes from CSDB.DK.  Further release news from the Lemon64 Forum, and additionally at Indie Retro News.


System Commodore 64
Size21.39 KB


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