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zip0 Cribbage 64

Cribbage 64 by Charles Sharp Jr. (1982) for the Commodore 64 is an implementation of the classic card game called Cribbage, written in BASIC.

28-10-20 English Commodore 64 7.29 KB 327 Download
zip1 Hanoi Tower (PAL) HOT

Hanoi Tower released by TND in 2019 - This is a fun puzzle / strategy game with some great graphics and sound for the Commodore 64.  Requires a joystick in port 2 and a PAL based C64.

20-07-19 English Commodore 64 15.76 KB 528 Download
zip2 PETSCII Lemmings

PETSCII Lemmings - How cool is this!!!!  Found out about this over at Indie Retro News

Welcome to 'PETSCII Lemmings', a new Lemmings inspired game for the C64 and Plus/4. A game that was not only ported over by KO-KO, but the game contains many different screens of fun as you try to save

30-10-21 English Commodore 64 11.4 KB 193 Download
zip3 Push Puzzler

Push Puzzler by STF (Released in 2021) is a neat sliding puzzle type game in which you need to solve the puzzle in as few pushes as possible.

The neat thing about this game is that it's written purely in BASIC 2.0 and isn't protected, so you can view the code and possibly find some tips or tricks to use in your own code.

For more information, or to communicate with the author, check out ...

07-11-21 English Commodore 64 6.82 KB 176 Download
zip4 Yahtzee
Yahtzee for the Commodore 64 is the classic dice game we all played as kids or with family. yahtzee
21-12-20 English Commodore 64 4.06 KB 383 Download