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The Fun Graphics Machine v6 Reference Ma The Fun Graphics Machine v6 Reference Manual

Welcome to the FUN GRAPHICS MACHINE v.6. This new version of the FGH has been in the making for several years and is a l!!s!.l.Q.I. update over earlier versions of FGH. It includes many new features to make it
faster, smoother, friendlier, and more powerful. FGH has been well tested by some very ruthless and fearless beta testers.

This one program will let you use your COMMODORE 64 to do things that those with Amigas, Apples and IBM's can't do as quickly or easily. Show off your C641 Labels (any size!) should be a snap after you do a
couple, and the higher powered systems are unlikely to do any better. Host computer systems are rendered pretty equal by their printers, just as a good sound system is no better than the speakers.


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