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Speed Writer (BASIC Compiler) Ma Speed Writer (BASIC Compiler) Manual

SPEEDWRITER is a BASIC compiler for the CBM 64. The programs originate in the United Kingdom and are improved and upgraded versions of DTL BASIC COMPILER, developed for Commodore business computers.

The function of a compiler is to convert a program from its source form (ie. the form in which it is written) into a more efficient form that can run much faster than the original.

SPEEDWRITER has been specially optimized for the CBM 64 and it not only makes every BASIC program a lot faster but will also make each program significantly smaller, except for programs with only a few lines.

SPEEDWRITER is 100% compatible with CBM 64 BASIC . This means that any existing BASIC program can be compiled without any alteration, to produce a program that peforms exactly the same, and yet is much faster and requires less memory and disk space.

SPEEDWRITER is designed so that it can be used by people with no programming knowledge to compile existing programs. Yet for more experienced users, a range of facilities is provided to enable the full potential of the CBM 64 to be realized.

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