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BUSINESS FORM SHOP is a form generation program designed to help you computerize your business's paperwork. When it comes to forms you want them to be fast, legible and accurate. The paperwork you may now be typing or  even handwriting is transformed into an easy fill-in-the-blanks process. The forms can range in size from having one row and ten columns to having ninety-nine rows and 132 columns on up to one hundred pages.

With BUSINESS FORM SHOP you can choose between using our existing form templates and modifying them to meet your needs, or creating your own forms right on the screen. Anytime you want to use a BUSINESS FORM SHOP form, simply insert the Program Disk and go. The program will prompt you for the fillin information n eeded to compfete the form. It will perform table look-ups, do all the math, and print your form perfectly every time. You will be amazed at the time you save and the professional look of your forms.

Here's a link to the program and additional material - Thank you Bruce Thomas for sharing.


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