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Abacus Zoom Pascal Manual [High Qual Abacus Zoom Pascal Manual [High Quality]

ZOOM Pascal 64 is a true compiler. It generates 6502 machine language from a Pascal source file. Most versions of Pascal use some form of interpreter. This explains why, in timing tests, ZOOM Pascal 64 was the fastest version.

ZOOM Pascal 64 is a subset of the Pascal described by Jensen and Wirth in their book, which is the 'bible' for Pascal. It is also a subset of and supplies all of the string functions of UCSD Pascal. The section Differences from
standard Pascal explains the major differences between ZOOM Pascal 64 and standard Pascal.

This manual is only a guide to use of ZOOM Pascal 64 and is not intended to teach the user how to write programs in Pascal. Consult one of the references in the Appendix C - the bibliography for more information about Pascal

ZOOM Pascal 64 runs on standard Commodore 64 with a 1541 disk drive. Although ZOOM Pascal 64 can work with a cassette drive, use of a cassette drive is suitable only for small source or data files. ZOOM PASCAL 64 is therefore not distributed on cassette and ABACUS Software does not support a cassette version.


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