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Abacus Super Pascal Ma Abacus Super Pascal Manual

This is the handbook to your SUPER Pascal Development System for the Commodore 64 and 128. The minimum hardware required to run SUPER Pascal is a C-64 (or C-128 in C64 mode), a 1541, and a television or monitor. A second disk drive and printer will let you take full advantage of SUPER Pascal.

This handbook is designed to help you understand the workings of SUPER Pascal, assuming that you have had experience in the Pascal language. It is not a basic course in Pascal, and makes no claims to that effect. Before using SUPER Pascal, you should be familiar with the PASCAL language and how it works.

SUPER Pascal is a complete implementation of "Standard Pascal", based on the "Pascal User Manual and Report" (or "The Pascal Bible") by Kathleen Jensen and Niklaus Wirth. You’ll find SUPER Pascal to be one of the most comprehensive Pascal systems ever offered for C-64 or similar machines. One of the problems with the C-64 is the slow transfer of data between computer and disk drive (250- 400 bytes per second); SUPER Pascal solves that problem, allowing you to transfer 1250 bytes per second from disk to computer and back. This means that disk access is increased threefold!


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