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Hayden Software SAT - Quantitative Compari Hayden Software SAT - Quantitative Comparisons

Welcome to the MATH MODULE of the HAYDEN SCORE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM FOR THE SAT* one of three modules designed to help you raise your SAT scores. This Quantitative Comparisons and Word Problems Section is an effective tool to use in your preparation for the Mathematical section of the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. The system is easy to operate so that you can concentrate on its content. All of the information you need to complete examples or answer test questions appears on screen, as do instructions for moving from one part of the program to another. More detailed explanations follow in this manual. You can also read the instructions on screen by
selecting the System User's Guide option offer you load the program.

The QUANTITATIVE COMPARISONS AND WORD PROBLEMS SECTION provides review material on the areas in the Mathematical section of the SAT exclusive of Algebra and Geometry which are separate sections in the Hayden System. Quantitative comparison problems - problems that emphasize reasoning skills used to determine which of two quantities is larger - improve skills in algebra and geometry as well as in
other areas of mathematics.


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