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Voice Key Manual (Covox, I Voice Key Manual (Covox, Inc.)

Do you have a favorite program that requires various keyboard letters as input? A game or educational or word processor? The object of VOICE KEY is to let you command by voice instead of pressing keys! VOICE KEY will not interfere with most programs (provided they do not use random-access memory "behind" read-only memory). Load VOICE KEY. Attach VOICE MASTER to the rear joy stick port. Then train the computer to the particular command words you want to use and define the keystrokes that you want these words to enter into the computer. Then load in your favorite program and proceed to run it using either keystrokes or command words. Up to 18 words. Each
word can create up to 18 keystrokes including control characters. Complete instructions in manual. Disk is not copy protected. Special instructions for the popular "Speedscript" word processor.

Here is a link to the software.


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