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This program is designed to give the user the ability to create detailed drawings and sketches.  There are basically two different types of CAD packages. The first type is based on bit mapped graphics. This means that all data entered into the program is stored in the bit mapped screen display.  The accuracy of the final product is therefore, limited to the resolution of your computer's display.  The second type, which includes this program, is object oriented.  In this type program, the data is stored in the form of individual lines, circles and text strings, not pixels to be turned on and off.  The drawing seen on the screen is a representation of this data scaled to whatever view the user has selected.  When you magnify or "zoom in on" an area in the first type of program,your display will consist of "fat" dots representing the bit, map. In this program, "zooming in" will actually increase the resolution of the area in question.


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