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Hack-Pack 128 Ma Hack-Pack 128 Manual

The Commodore 128 provides a very powerful and friendly editor for BASIC programs.  Unfortunately, certain features which are normally regarded as essential in a programmers' editor have unaccountably been omitted by CBM.  In particular, there is no way on the 128 to find a string in a BASIC program much less to search for and replace one string by another.

The HACK-PACK toolkit attempts to fill this need.  Once loaded, the HACK-PACK toolkit fits unobtrusively into an area at the top of RAM in bank 0.  From this elevated position it provides the programmer with a number of totally new editing features.  The HACK-PACK toolkit does not waste memory by providing nonsense commands that no one ever uses such as BEEP and FLASH!  Instead it adds to BASIC eight really useful commands, all designed to improve programming efficiency and productivity.


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