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DirMaster v3.0.0 Documenta DirMaster v3.0.0 Documentation

DirMaster is a Windows-based GUI application designed to help Commodore enthusiasts explore and manage their disk image collections. DirMaster supports common (and uncommon) emulator disk image formats (such as .d64, .d81, .d2m, etc), almost every native Commodore archival format (such as .arc, .sda, .lnx, etc), and many native graphic formats (such as koala, doodle, amica, etc). DirMaster was designed to give users a perfect blend of familiar appearance (e.g. natural looking disk image contents using the PETSCII character set) and modern GUI functionality (e.g. drag and drop, opening multiple diskimages at once). The first version of DirMaster was released in 2006.


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