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CMD Perfect Print LQ for GEOS Ma CMD Perfect Print LQ for GEOS Manual

Until now, there has been one large drawback to the GEOS system - the printout.  After carefully creating a stunningly attractive document in geoPaint, geoWrite or geoPublish, the inferior quality of the printout caused WYSIWYG to become WYSWMYG (What You See Will Make You Gasp!).  There were really only two alternatives.  Either put up with the poor results, or turn to other, more complex programs which offered better print results without GEOS.

Perfect Print was designed to solve this problem. This package consists of the GEOS LQ Print System for geoWrite and a collection of powerful HQ interpolation printer drivers for the other applications. The Print System expands geoWrite (the most used application in GEOS) to new printout dimensions.  Documents created with geoWrite can be printed out in the highest possible quality allowed by your printer.  Printouts of 240 x 216 dpi(dots per inch) on 9 pin printers and 360 x 360 dpi on 24 pin printers are attainable.  Special fonts are included which support the high resolution ofthe printer and make high quality printouts possible. While the end result does not quite reach laser printer quality, it can certainly be compared.


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