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Ultimate Wizard Ma Ultimate Wizard Manual

You're the talk of the village, a true success story, your mother brags to all her friends, "My son the Wizard ... " And yet, you're not happy. Throwing fireballs, freezing birds in flight, turning newts into princes, and vice versa just doesn't seem exciting anymore. You want to be the best, the hottest Wizard in all the land. You want to be the Ultimate Wizard!

No easy task, this Ultimate Wizard business; even for a magic-wise bloke of your caliber. But you're determined to try, even though becoming an Ultimate Wizard requires a visit to the dreaded  dungeons of Kaytel (a name that makes even the most stalwart sorcerers wish they had chosen another line of work), ruled by the Shadow Lord and his minions. Fraught with boobytraps, pitfalls, evil magic, and ... wealth beyond belief.

So much wealth you can hardly stand it! Why, just a few minutes in there scooping up treasures and you'll finally be able to open that chain of fast-spell shops you've always dreamt of - Spell in a Box. But can you do it? Do you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Wizard? Don't just stand there scratching your head, find out! And good luck...


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