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6502 TASS v 6502 TASS v1.31 HOT

In this archive you can find following files:

tass.exe - 6502/65c02 Turbo Assembler itself
manual.txt - instructions to the above
pet2asc.exe - Utility to convert original C64 TASS seq-files to PC TASS
tslink.exe - Utility to link C64 binaries together (all the files must
have standard C64 load-address)

pack64.exe - simple C64 filepacker
depack.tas - depacker to the above (works only with registered TASS)

filelist.txt - diz file
whatsnew.txt - tells you what's new in new versions of TASS

EXAMPLESfirqprep.tas - sample of C64 code (PAL/NTSC IRQ Turbo Loader starter)
EXAMPLESfirqload.tas - (PAL/NTSC IRQ Turbo Loader-main file)

BONUScrush.exe - PC version of c64 Level Crusher
BONUSdecrush.tas - decrushing routine for files packed with CRUSH.EXE
BONUShow2crsh.txt - manual which explains how to make a CRUSHed executable


System Windows
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