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d64 floppy0 6502 TASS v1.31

6502/65C02 assembler and linker for the PC. It's 100% compatible with C64's TASS v5.1 and the most of its further releases, containing the whole lot of useful improvements like generating the listing file, including binaries, etc.

2015-04-28 English Windows 98.39 KB 896 Download
d64 floppy1 Kick Assembler v3.21

Kick Assembler (written in Java language) is the combination of an assembler for doing 6510 machine code and a high level script language.

8/9-2011 : New beta release (v3.20 & v3.21):

  • Made mnemonic extensions to force all addressing modes.
  • Corrected bug in error message when forcing an illegal addressing mode.
  • Made mnemonic extensions so you can force addressing modes. ‘.z’ and ‘.zp’ forces zeropage, ‘.a’ and ‘.abs’ forces absolute. Eg. lda.abs $0000
  • Made .importonce directive to ensure libraries only gets included once.
  • Corrected typo in error message. Thanks to Tlr for pointing this out.
2016-01-21 English Windows 1.5 MB 702 Download
zip2 Kick Assembler v5.13

Kick Assembler is the combination of an assembler for doing 6510 machine code and a high level script language.

3/3-2020 : New release (v5.13):

  • Fixed problem with non canonical file paths for the replacefile option. Thanks to Paul Hocker for pointing this out.
  • Original filename is now always displayed during errors when using the replacefile option. Thanks to Paul Hocker for pointing this out.
2020-03-06 English Windows 1.29 MB 497 Download
zip3 Kick Assembler v5.15

Welcome to Kick Assembler, an advanced MOS 65xx assembler combined with a Java Script like script language.

Website external 2020-05-26 English Windows 1.29 MB 585 Download
zip4 MOS6502 X-Assembler

MOS6502 is a simple (non-macro) DOS-based assembly language translator (assembler) for the MOS 6502 microprocessor and its numerous clones. We tried to keep its syntax as simple as possible.

MOS6502 supports numeric constants as well as regular expressions and outputs pure binary code.

System requirements
  • Intel i80386 microprocessor (or compatibles)
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 (or compatibles)

Main memory requirements depend on source file size and symbol table size.

2019-03-29 English DOS 24.28 KB 730 Download
d64 floppy5 TMPview v1.3

TMPview is a command line tool that converts your binary source code file saved from Turbo Assembler, Turbo Assembler Macro, and many variants including Turbo Macro Pro into an ASCII version of the code.


  • The default value for the source tab width is now taken from theinput file instead of being always nine (9).
  • “–unnamed-hex” added; when specified TMPview will output hex notation instead of the default decimal for un-named bastext tokens.
  • “–petscii-dec” and “–petscii-hex” added; when specified TMPview will output *all* PETSCII-only characters (those that cannot be displayed rationally in ASCII output) to bastext tokens in either decimal or hex notation rather than their named counterparts.
  • “–byte-dec” and “–byte-hex” apply to single character literals.
  • “–byte-columns” added; the given value sets how many values per line the “–byte-dec” and “–byte-hex” features output.
  • “–stats-detail” and “–stats-wild” added to display interesting and extremely critical statistical output, respectively.
  • “–screen” now regards values 0-63 as potential screencodes but only converts strings where every character qualifies.
  • corrected tabbed output when –tab-width was 0
  • bastext token {cm o} is no longer output as {cm d}
  • bastext token {purple} is no longer output as {156}
  • handle the fake ‘_’ character properly in quoted strings and macro bodies.
  • .include filenames are now translated.
2016-01-14 English Windows 111.27 KB 629 Download
zip6 TMPview_v1.2_Win32-STYLE
2016-01-14 107.15 KB 622 Download
d64 floppy7 TMPx v1.0

TMPx (pronounced “TMP cross”) is the first and as yet the only cross assembler that is 100% compatible with the full syntax of Turbo Macro Pro (as well as the original Turbo Assembler Macro from which it is derived).

2016-01-14 English Windows 135.07 KB 658 Download
d64 floppy8 Win2c64 v2.04

This 6510 assembler has been developed by Aart J.C. Bik.  Win2c64 is a cross-assembler for the 65xx microprocessor family that runs on any Microsoft Windows platform and generates code that can be executed on the Commodore 64 or other 65xx-based microcomputer.  Full docs are included in the archive as a PDF.

win2c64 v2.04 1
2015-04-27 English Windows 100 KB 809 Download
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