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First Steps in Machine Code on Your First Steps in Machine Code on Your C64

If you've mastered BASIC programming on your Commodore 64 and are ready to move on to bigger and better things, then book will show you the way.

Ross Symons first introduces you to the disassembler and explains its use. After making this acquaintance, the complete instruction set for the 6510 (the chip at the heart of your computer) is listed. Each instruction is explained with the aid of a demonstration program which will help even the newcomer to machine code to get to grips with the C64 and extract the most from this powerful micro. Other sections include a discussion of the KERNAL operating system, and its applications such as printing, input/output devices, and scanning the keyboard, are also considered.

As an exciting bonus, the book ends with two complete machine code games which show you how to create your own worthwhile, high-speed, animated arcade-like games.


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