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Rick's C64 Emulator Tools [ Rick's C64 Emulator Tools [DOS]

C64BASIC - This program will translate a Basic version 2 program file into a plain ascii text file.  Output is to the screen, but can be redirected to a printer or a file.  For example - c64basic test.prg > filename.ext.

C64BLANK - This program will create a blank .d64 disk image file which you can copy your program files into for use with some of the C=64 emulators.  (c64blank.d64).

C64COPY  - Copies all program files from the .d64 disk image onto your hard drive or diskette.  (assumes testdisk.d64 is in the same subdirectory as c64copy.exe).

C64DIR   - Displays the programs, total sectors used by a program, starting track and sector location of the program, and loading address of programs on a .d64 disk image.  Output is to the screen, but can be redirected as above.  (assumes testdisk.d64 is in the same subdirectory as c64dir.exe).

C64STRIP - This will strip the header off of .t64 and .p00 program files giving you back an original C=64 program image file.  This program may not work with all .t64 files as there appear to be some bogus .t64 files floating around.  (assumes all .t64 and .p00 files are in the same subdirectory as c64strip.exe).

C64TANDS - Displays track and sector information in both hex and ascii, enter beginning track and sector to display and off you go.  Track 0, sector 0 or control break to end.  (assumes testdisk.d64 is in the same subdirectory as c64tands.exe).

C64UNASM - Simple machine language program dissassembler.  Ouput is to the screen, but can be redirected as above.                             

I've included d64save.exe written by Kevin Brisley which will copy a C=64 image file to the .d64 disk image.

These tools are rather crude at this point as I'm not sure there will be much use for them by anyone other than perhaps myself.  If you find these useful, have any comments complaints, requests, bug reports, etc, etc,  drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from ya. Enjoy!


System DOS
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