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d64 floppy.jpg C64S Game Archiver v0.01

-=-The C=64 Game Archiver-=-

Allows you to manage huge dirs of  games, all of which can be compressed, selected with wild cards, combined, etc! Handy if you  have  a lot of c64 games. Fixes the  problem  of  always having c64s in the program dir.

-=-By ToneDEF(who else!?!)-=-

22-04-15 English DOS 71.11 KB 234.00 Download
zip.png C64S Utilities [DOS]

C64S Utilities by Werner Zsolt is a bunch of tools for dealing with emulator files such a .d64 and .t64.  This particular collection has included with it the full source.

26-07-19 English DOS 68.41 KB 106.00 Download
zip.png Nib Convert

Nib Convert is a simple but useful Windows utility that lets you convert a .nib file to a .g64 file.

09-06-20 English Windows 24.48 KB 62.00 Download
zip.png Rick's C64 Emulator Tools [DOS]

Rick's C64 emulator tools by Rick Brennan are a collection of utilities for dealing with things related to .d64 and .t64 images along with some programming related tools.  See long description for details.

26-07-19 English DOS 63.19 KB 115.00 Download