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ZED 128 v ZED 128 v0.77 HOT

ZED 128 v0.77 written by Craig Bruce and released on February 16th, 1993 - Full docs are inside the disk image.

Zed is a text-editor program for the Commodore-128 80-column screen. To use it, just LOAD and RUN the "ZED-128" binary file. Be sure to save it in PRG format.

Here is a summary of Zed's important features:

  • Works with *BIG* text files.
  • 100% unadulterated machine code with high-speed VDC accessing.
  • Uses Burst commands for reading 1571 and 1581 files.
  • Uses a dynamically allocated data structure to hold the editor document and the "Kill Buffer".
  • Will optionally expand TAB characters into spaces while loading a file and compress spaces into TABs while saving.
  • Global search and replace.
  • Range delete and recall.
  • File translation to and from ASCII-CrLf?, ASCII-Lf, ASCII-Cr, and SPEEDSCRIPT character codes.
  • Has a feature for cutting and filling (juggling) text lines to form paragraphs with roughly the same number of characters on each line.

And here is its major limitation: 

  • Has a maximum line length of 80 characters. It will split file lines longer than that.  


System Commodore 128
Size19.37 KB


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