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zip0 GEO-Sleeve

GEO-Sleeve by Ken Slaughter (Modified for 60DPI printers by Lee Marshal) -  Basically it's just a geoPaint template, but it's so neat I had to print it out on my MPS 803 as you can see in the screenshots.

Note - Included on the disk are drivers for most of the common printers of that time, including the MPS 803.

2021-01-24 English Commodore 64 39.13 KB 523 Download
zip1 geoChart v1.0 - Unprotected

geoChart v1.0 - Unprotected - Thanks to Paul Murdaugh, we now have the latest version of geoChart, fully unprotected.  Here are Paul's comments:

This is the last version of GEOCHART from Berkeley. It appears to have changes made to it for German GEOS since it's permanent name is "GEOCHART GE". However language is still very much english.
Maverick and other copy protection removals were not able to process this version so I did it by hand the old fashioned way.
It is now fully unprotected.
2021-02-28 English Commodore 64 79.52 KB 558 Download
zip2 ScrapCan v1.2

ScrapCan v1.2 for GEOS by Nate Fiedler (Released 10/25/1992) is a simple utility that lets copy and paste very large photo scaps.

2021-01-24 English Commodore 64 5.4 KB 434 Download
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