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zip0 128 Easy Phone Book v6.4

128 Easy Phone Book v6.4 by Randal G. Harris is a database for phone numbers.  Has everything you'd like such as printing, saving, and searching.

2020-11-30 English Commodore 128 24.8 KB 493 Download
zip1 Baseball Stats 128

Baseball Stats 128 by Michael J. Reed (1989 - Loadstar #61) - I know almost nothing about Baseball, but I suppose if you are really into it, this might be a handy utility / database.

2023-06-24 English Commodore 128 7.1 KB 163 Download
zip2 C128 Datafile v4.8 HOT

For the C128 in 80 column mode only. Will allow you to create your own file names, lengths, and how many. Will create a sequential file to hold the information you enter, which can be called back. Assorted disk commands. Will perform sorts, deletes, add ons, print outs (CBM printers), modify a field, and has a help screen. Orginally for the C64. I modified it to work on the C128, using 7.0 basic. I think the 'special effects (graphic)' are very good!!!! Try it out, works great! No bugs to my knowledge.

data file 128 v4.8
2015-04-06 English Commodore 128 10.48 KB 982 Download
zip3 C128 Datafile v4.8.3 HOT

This is an updated version of the previously uploaded version of C128 DATAFILE V4.8 This version uses BANK 1 to store the variables (version 4.8 didn't) much more storage space.  The orginal version (4.8) was 92? blocks long, this version (4.8.3) only uses 88 blocks. I also got rid of a couple minor bugs.

2019-09-26 English Commodore 128 10.5 KB 959 Download
zip4 C128 GradeBook HOT

C128 Gradebook by Fredrick Goddard for the Commodore 128 (80 column only) is one of those programs that stands the test of time.  You could still totally use this program to keep track of students grades for a classroom or what not.  

c128 gradebook 1
2015-05-02 English Commodore 128 16.15 KB 1,020 Download
zip5 Free Base 128 HOT

Free Base by Dick Heckert is a database program for the Commodore 128. The neat thing about this database is it acts like an old school filing cabinet. Things are stored in drawers and file folders. There is a really nice review of the program over at

2019-07-31 English Commodore 128 21.49 KB 959 Download
zip6 Movie Log 128

Movie Log 128 for the Commodore 128 (40 or 80 Columns) is a program that lets you create a database of your movies.  You can associate the movies with particular VHS tape #'s and Stars in the movie.

2019-09-26 English Commodore 128 3.24 KB 776 Download
zip7 Pedigree 128 HOT

By Lee O. Clinton. Pedigree 128 provides a method for organizing and maintaining genealogical records. Pedigree charts and worksheets for all members of a family tree can be entered and maintained. Help is built-in.

pedigree 128
2015-04-06 English Commodore 128 13.44 KB 999 Download
zip8 PenPal 128 v1.1 HOT

PenPal 128 v1.1 by Steve Boerner is a Commodore 128 mailing list database supporting 80 columns.  The program is fully menu driven and easy to use with complete built in help.

PenPal 128 v1.1-1
2017-10-13 English Commodore 128 24.96 KB 1,117 Download
zip9 Superbase 128 v3.01 HOT

Superbase 128 v3.01 The Programmable Database by Precision Software.

2016-12-23 English Commodore 128 84.84 KB 1,652 Download
zip10 The Hat's Address List v1.1

The Hat's Address List v1.1 by Stephen Hatfield for the Commodore 128 (80 column mode) is a nice, fully functional address book.

2020-05-29 English Commodore 128 13.21 KB 710 Download
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