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zip0 Better Working Business Form Shop

Business Form Shop from Spinnaker is a fairly unique program for the Commodore 64 that allows you to create templates for your commonly used business forms and then quickly and accurately fill them in and print. 

Inside the archive along with the program is the manual, box scans, disk scan and quick reference.  Thank you Bruce Thomas for archiving and sharing this treasure.

2023-11-19 English Commodore 64 10.56 MB 67 Download
zip1 cbmage v0.2

Print a picture from a modern PC with an old-fashioned Commodore MPS 803 compatible printer - this is a very cool use for all those CBM printers you have in your closet!  Basically you use a XUM1541 cable or a Zoom Floppy along with the OpenCBMTools to send .png pictures straight to your Commodore printer.  For more details and the latest version check out the github page - HERE

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zip2 Fun Graphics Machine v6.5

Fun Graphics Machine by Ron C. Hackley (1991) is a powerful graphics manipulation program (think Print Shop or Print Master on steroids) that gives you full control over how the entire page will look. Features: 3 drive support, compatible with all CMD devices, sideways text entry, powerful graphics tools, multiple formats, able to grab graphic screens from other programs, and more.

This archive contains all 12 disks including fonts, clipart, screens and demos.  Also inside the archive is a review of FGM from Compute! Issue 146 (Nov. 1992) LINK - Some additional files related to FGM can be found at the website HERE - There is also a version of FGM called Super FGM (Version 8) that was released on Loadstar #182

2022-12-31 English Commodore 64 1.15 MB 208 Download
zip3 PrintShop Graphics for FGM

A few months ago, a generous visitor (Thanks James) sent over a big collection of disks from the Lane County Commodore User Group (Archived here).  In that collection were several disks belonging to a program called Fun Graphics Machine which (from what I've read) is like PrintShop & Newsroom on steroids.  In those disks there was this nice collection of graphics images you can use with FGM.  I believe, based on the disk title that these are PrintShop images converted to a form useable by FGM.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

2023-04-27 English Commodore 64 24.32 KB 112 Download
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